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Walking the Solar Seam.jpg

While in Chittagong, Bangladesh, I connected with a group from an apparel company based in Japan. I was invited to join them on a visit to the garment factory that makes their denim products. The first stop on our tour was the solar panels on the roof, which provide approximately 20% of the building’s power. Our guide, a merchandising manager at the factory, invited us to walk among the solar panels and experience their efforts in renewable energy.


In addition to using solar, they pump fresh air into the building every day to improve working conditions. With a huge endowment by the same apparel company, they developed a program to send women from the factory floor to study at Asian University for women. They also take pride in healthy working conditions— they blow fresh air through vents, provide good lighting, and educational opportunities. While this company is working to enhance conditions for employees, the garment industry continues to demand long hours for low wages.


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