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Eden is a slightly obsessed photographer. She sees potential photoshoots everywhere, and loves to collect props for shoots. For more than 5 years she ran her own portrait photography business. When the pandemic hit, she decided to turn back to her roots—product and food photography. She got her start photographing
food and products over 15 years ago in San Francisco, after attending photography school in Missoula, Montana. 

Preparing the food and styling the sets is one of her favorite aspects of food photography. From baking cupcakes and meticulously creating a frosting swirl, to carefully crafting coffee set-ups, she loves to experiment with new recipes and new looks. She works with both small businesses and national brands.


Eden has a degree in English from University of Vermont, and a Master of Fine Arts in printmaking from UMass Dartmouth.


When she is not photographing, you will probably find her outside. She is an ocean lover and surfer. She enjoys running, and hiking, camping, and traveling with her husband and daughter. She also loves to bake, and appreciates a good meal on her deck by the ocean in Nahant, MA.

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