Hi! Thanks for stopping by to check out my site.

I am a North Shore Family Photographer with a beach-side studio in Nahant. I’m lucky enough to live and work on this stunning tombolo. (Yes, I just threw an SAT word at you!) I pinch myself every day that I live where I live and get to do what I do.

My joy in working as a photographer comes out in every shoot. When I’m photographing your family,  I’m the goofiest person around and I may get you to do things you never thought you’d do at a Photoshoot. We run and play and jump and dance while I shoot. (Yes, I do all these things too, not just you). My passion for capturing your family’s spirit and personality is reflected in the images. I love finding ways to draw out that shy kid (or parent) and find a hidden smile. The laughter and joy is infectious and inspires me at every shoot.

And my passion is backed by experience. I have worked as a photographer for over 15 years and have an MFA in photo-based printmaking processes. Portrait photography is the culmination of all my creative passions: photography (of course), designing sets, working with color and paint, knitting, sewing, and creating props for the studio, making kids giggle, and turning tiny babies into works of art.  My creative passions can bring you one of a kind heirloom art to hang on your walls or display in your home.

So join me in my studio and relax with a cup of tea while I swaddle and snuggle your newborn. Meet me at the beach or the park for a family play date, and jump in the picture with your kiddos and tickle them and hug them while I take photos. Come join em and let’s have some fun!

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