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What is life but
a grand adventure?  

A fresh new year beckons with the promise of wonders yet to be discovered and memories yet to be made. We’re lifted up on the air of possibility. So many firsts will happen this year: 1st kicks in the belly, 1st giggle, 1st tooth, 1st day of school...a lifetime of firsts are waiting to be discovered. And each year, magically, there are more. As photographers we are privileged to share these moments with others in a way that is deeply personal, and infinitely exciting. Each day brings a new story and a new adventure in the making. Let’s make today an adventure kind of day!


Adventure awaits Full Session:

$250 session fee

  • A 60-90 minute session with our limited edition set and one other custom set.

  • Ideas and inspiration on how to look and feel your best for your session.

  • An in-person ordering appointment with guidance on choosing your images and displaying them in your home. (I will even help you hang them up when they arrive!)

  • Wall art, image boxes, prints, albums and/or digital files are a separated purchase from the session fee.

Are you a new client?
If so, Please enjoy a $200 session fee!

On our booking page, please mention that you are a new client and you will receive a new client code to use when booking your session.

ADVENTURE Awaits limited edition sessions